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Raven Starfire was born with the gift of intuition. Over the course of many years she's developed her abilities which allow her to empower others in their own lives. Her intuitive abilities include mediumship (communication with departed loved ones), telepathy, and healing work with Crystals, Reiki & IET. She has traveled extensively to study ancient mystery schools and learn many different aspects of light work.

Graduated with a B.A. in English Literature from St. Bonaventure University. She continued her intuitive development at the Life Mastery Institute with Yanni Maniates since 2001. Graduate of the Western School of Feng Shui, taught by Terah Kathryn Collins in 2002. She received Master Practitioner & Instructor level certification of IET from Stevan Thayer, founder of the Center of Being & the developer of Integrated Energy Therapy. She is also a Reiki Master.

She now calls Stuart, Florida her home.

To schedule an appointment for a private or group intuitive consultation, or an energy session please email Raven at
“Raven’s insight, sensitivity & accuracy is extraordinary. Her spiritual and metaphoric visions made connections for me that have set me on a path of discovery and growth.”
                            Margreet C., Sea Cliff, NY

“Hearing what Raven said during my reading served to lift a tremendous burden that had been crippling my life. Though it was quite an emotional experience, I’m so grateful for the information. I’ve allowed myself to move past the sadness and believe I have begun to “soar”, as she predicted.”
                                  Pat S., Annapolis, MD

“Raven provided me with an uncanny reading that brought me understanding & peace. The insight of the message eased my grief & confirmed to me that all is known & understood in the afterlife. What a wonderful gift! Her approach is so positive & loving. Her belief is that we all have special gifts & her readings promote the understanding & purpose of our individual missions here on earth.” Barb H., Iowa City, Iowa

“Raven was able to provide a clear interpretation of the current & future events in my life. I received great solace in her communication with loved ones who have passed & now have a greater ability to feel their guiding presence.” Cindy S., NY, NY

I am very thankful for the intuitive consult we had. I found it powerful and moving. Sky's powerful insights helped me see more clearly all the wonderful love and support that surrounds me as I am fighting serious health challenges.
-- Harriet, New Jersey

Sky helped bring messages from loved ones on the other side, information from spirit guides and of course points of view from our pets! Anyone lucky enough to get a session with Sky will have a wonderful insightful spiritually uplifting experience!
-- Maryann, PA

"Sky has done intuitive and energy work with me. With both, she exhibits grace, confidence and spot-on precision. Working with Sky has given me insights which inform and enrich my daily life.
She was able to make connections and give me new insights that I'd never experienced before. I was able to forgive myself and move on."
-- Olga, NJ

Imagine going through a painful ordeal. The only person I knew that might be able to help me was Sky. With her help, I was able to make sense of it all. It was still a very difficult experience and continues to be at times even now. But my mind is clear. I know I did what was right. The answers Sky gave me feel right. -- Denise G., NJ
Intuitive Consultant, Feng Shui Practitioner, & Energy Therapist
(IET Master Practitioner / Instructor And Master Reiki Practitioner)
Raven Starfire
(Lori Moynihan)
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Sky Heartsong

Sky has been a gifted empath and intuitive all her life, with a special connection to animals of all kinds.

Her psychic abilities, which she uses when working with both humans and animals, include: telepathy, conscious channeling, clairvoyance, clairsentience and mediumship. Sky is also a medical intuitive.

Sky graduated from Miami University in 1979. Sky was a Registered Nurse for 14 years before leaving nursing and became a certified equine/canine massage therapist in 1998. She has developed a successful practice, completing over 5,000 massages since 1998. Sky's equine/canine practice allowed her to hone her skills as a healer and this lead Sky to add human energy work to her practice as well. Sky received her Master/Instructor training in Reiki 2004 and her Master/Instructor training in Integrated Energy Therapy in 2006. Sky has also received training in Quantum Touch, crystal healing and many other vibrational healing modalities.

Sky studied animal communication with Anita Curtis in 1999. She studied intuitive development at the Life Mastery Institute with Yanni Maniates beginning in 2001. Sky continues to seek out opportunities for spiritual growth and greater connection to Spirit by attending workshops, reading and traveling to sacred sites.

Sky is currently living near Boulder, CO.

Animal Communication, intuitive consults and energy work sessions can be done in person (if you are local to me) or by phone. Private or group sessions (at your location) can be scheduled by emailing me at: skyheartsong@gmail.com.
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Animal Communicator, Intuitive/Psychic Consultant, Energy Therapist
(Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Instructor)
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